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The Canal & Rivers Trust has applied for planning permission for Toddbrook Dam and you can now have your say.

Your local Labour councillors, Kath, Shannon and Ruth have been representing residents’ concerns about heavy vehicles, the closure of the path to Reservoir Road during the works and the temporary playground.

Ruth George posted this update: 

“The plans for Toddbrook Reservoir dam repairs are out for consultation until 18th November. A lot of comments during the previous consultations have been taken into account in the design of the park which looks good, but there are lots of concerns about the construction, especially that the path onto Reservoir Road is proposed to be closed to pedestrians, and the number of heavy vehicles travelling up Reservoir Road. Most will come from Market Street, making the junction by the station car park and crossing onto Reservoir Road even more dangerous. I have asked Derbyshire County Council and High Peak Council to make sure the safety of pedestrians is given more importance and that the path through the park can remain open except when vehicles are exiting the works compound. As we have been promised a staffed cabin for traffic management at this point, it should be possible.

To have your say, click the following link or search High Peak Planning and use reference HPK/2021/0607

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