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Toddbrook and Canal Feeder Update

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Whilst work to repair Toddbrook Dam has been waiting on the CRT fulfilling the planning conditions – due by the end of June – the work to clear Combs Canal Feeder is progressing. 

“The Canal Feeder dates from 1830 and runs under many homes, businesses, and the Uniting Church in Whaley Bridge and has become blocked in several places. Local councillor Ruth George said: “I’m pleased it’s finally being cleared. I hope that this will help several of the drainage problems across Whaley but more substantial work to clear tree roots and strengthen the culvert is still needed.

“I’ve met the new manager at the Toddbrook Dam works and am pleased the new playground is being opened before the main playground needs to be closed.

“Do let me know of any problems during the works, and I’ll do my best to get them resolved,” Ruth added.


It was good to meet Tess Smith yesterday, the new Stakeholder Manager for Kier during the works to restore Toddbrook. Tess explained to me and Cllr Kath Thomson:
  1. The new playground was all ready to be opened when moles moved in!! They need to be moved on, but will hopefully respond to 5e humane methods to be used so the new play area by the football pitch can open well before the current one needs to close 🤞🤞
  2. It may have seemed quiet for the last few weeks, but Kier and the CRT have been making sure all of the planning conditions were fulfilled before major work can begin in the next couple of weeks.
  3. The works schedule per the letter attached is:
    This week – constructing a CCTV tower by the sailing clubhouse to protect the site.
    W/c 20 June: starting to construct the works compound and vehicle access
    W/c 27 June: cabins and machinery will be delivered.

    27 June – 1 July, 07.30-16.30: residents on Reservoir Road have been asked to keep cars off the road so the deliveries can get through.

If you have any questions, Tess will be the main point of contact on site and will provide regular updates on the works. She will be trying to get round the village to meet people and setting up a communications hub in the summer?
If anyone would like to be added to Tess’s mailing list to get all updates:
Email: Tess at:

Or call her on 07731 987228

There’s bound to be disruption during the works, but it’s good to have a contact for everyone to explain what’s happening, and to try and minimise problems for residents.

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