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“Security, prosperity, respect”: Starmer sets out a ‘contract with British people’

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Keir Starmer has kicked off the new year by delivering a major speech in Birmingham that he used to set out a new “contract with the British people” based on the three principles of “security”, “prosperity” and “respect”.  Over the next 12 months a range of policies will be added to this contract to show how Labour will make life better for everyone in the UK.

During the speech he summarised that;

Security means that:

  • Everyone has the basic right to feel safe in their own community.
  • We all need to know that the NHS is there for us when we need it.
  • And if we work hard we should also have a right to job security.

Prosperity means that:

  • Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive.
  • To realise our ambitions and make a good life for ourselves.
  • To have the skills we need to prosper.

Respect is a less obvious political virtue than security and prosperity. But it is every bit as important. It means that:

  • Everyone has the right to live in places we care for and to have our lives and ambitions taken seriously to be valued for who we are and what we do.

Keir went on to say that he  “wants to create a contract defined by security, prosperity and respect. To create a contract for a government worthy of the fine nation in which we live.”

You can read the speech in full, plus more of Starmer’s ambitions and commitments in an article published on the Labour List website:

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