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I’ve lived in High Peak all my adult life – just outside Whaley for 15 years – brought up my 4 children here and always done my best for our community – volunteering, campaigning, helping people.
I was honoured to be elected councillor for Whaley Bridge and Blackbrook in 2020. I’ve since helped overturn the Conservatives’ plans to close Goyt Valley care home, move Covid 19 patients into Whitestones and cut our voluntary services. I successfully fought for Chinley school buses, surfacing Wharf Road, and for our local buses.

These are difficult times. Every day I help and advise people who are struggling, support our much-needed food banks and charities and organise school uniform donations.

Road safety is a priority – I’ve organised volunteers for Community Speedwatch, fought for road safety improvements across our area, campaigned for 20’s Plenty in built up areas and a High Peak Greenway from Buxworth to Buxton.

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