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Robert Mckeown’s Bio

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High Peak is a fantastic place to live, with many fantastic people doing amazing things right across our Borough. Living in the local area, we have seen on a daily basis the amount of good work that goes on unnoticed within our communities. Since 2010, High Peak Borough Council has had its budget from central Government has been slashed by £3.26 million – more than £100 per household. Yet the current Conservative-led administration just accept the savage cuts imposed by its  Government, instead of fighting your corner, they are pushing the effects of cuts onto
you and your community. Bob and Edward are working hard to protect local services from years of failed Conservative austerity. Through holding regular surgeries and working with local community groups, Bob and Edward know the issues facing local people on a day to day basis and they are determined to provide a clear, positive alternative to a complacent and out of touch Conservative council.

Bob and Edward are ready to continue serving as your local representatives, making sure your voice is heard in the heart of local government, and that your local council will be on your side to tackle the challenges ahead.

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Robert McKeown is one of two Labour councillors for Hadfield South Ward on High Peak Borough Council, working alongside Cllr Edward Siddall.

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