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No Mow May

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Bees, butterflies and wildlife got a much-needed boost from Labour-led High Peak Borough Council in May, as mowing was suspended in areas across the borough.

It is the first time the council has joined the #NoMow May campaign – and it will be assessing the results with the aim of leaving more sites unmown next year.

Jean Todd, the Labour’s lead councillor for Climate Change, Environment and Community Safety, said: “Pollinators such as bees and butterflies play a vital role in spreading pollen which encourages the growth of a wide diversity of plants, flowers and foods including fruit, nuts and vegetables.
“Nature recovery is central to our plans for tackling the climate emergency so I’m delighted that we joined the #NoMowMay campaign this year.”

Meanwhile in Chinley parish councillor Penny Took (pictured) persuaded her parish council to join the scheme. We’d love to hear your suggestions for areas of Chapel and the Hope Valley which could join the scheme next year – and hope that some of our parish councils will join in too!

Labour will fight to protect our local environment. You can sign up if you would like to get updates about our work.

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