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Madeline Hall’s Bio

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High Peak Borough Council uses the strap-line, ‘working for our community’. Putting this into practice means working with the community. I would like to be part of a Council that puts that idea at the heart of its service.

I worked for thirty-six years in schools and colleges in Sheffield and London before coming to Buxton four years’ ago to be closer to family.

I’m keen to represent Corbar on High Peak Borough Council. I live in Corbar Ward and I’m familiar with local issues including protecting service at the Cavendish Hospital; looking to secure the benefits of new health service provision close to the railway station; ensuring Pavilion Gardens facilities benefit Buxton and the High Peak; safeguarding green space; and securing a future for Serpentine Community Farm as a community asset.

Campaigning for Serpentine Community Farm makes it personal. Close contact with the Council has also sharpened my focus on a fundamental issue. I don’t like current administration’s default setting of defensiveness in response to local opinion: their black-box approach to decision-making.

I want to see that dynamic change, to see local people of all ages and backgrounds involved in improving community life and individual lives. Close to home, that’s about:

  • good housing
  • safe streets
  • services for children, young people and older
  • people
  • employment
  • local investment.

More widely, it’s about the environment, climate change and citizens’ rights. If elected, I will spend my time taking to local people, listening to concerns and doing all I can to enrich life in Buxton and the High Peak.

Contact Madeline by emailing:

Councillor Madeline Hall for Corbar Ward on Facebook

Madeline Hall is the councillor for Corbar Ward on High Peak Borough Council.

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