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Keith Savage’s Bio

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Keith unfortunately passed away in Dec 2021, having served as a councillor for Cote Heath for a number of years since 1995.  We miss him greatly.  A brief summary of Keith’s life and contributions can be found here:

Keith Savage has lived and worked in Buxton for 30 years. Before retiring from paid work Keith was a teacher and lecturer in Early Years Education.
Keith has been previously elected to High Peak Borough Council for Cote Heath in 1995 and 2011. Keith has also been a governor for Buxton Community School, Buxton Junior and Harpur Hill Primary schools.

Keith has been a trustee for High Peak Theatre Trust which is responsible for managing the Opera House and the Pavilion Arts Centre. Keith is currently a trustee for the Buxton Festival Fringe and Buxton Film.

Keith says: “I have a track record of getting things done. The next four years are going to be of critical importance to the town. The opening of The Crescent and the redevelopment of the old Buxton Water site are once in a generation opportunities. These exciting prospects, alongside the new strategy for Buxton as a visitor destination and the new management team for the Pavilion Gardens, requires the Borough Council to be alert and able to work with developers, retailers, the tourist and hospitality sectors, with training and education providers. This chance to add to the prosperity of the town and of those that live and work here cannot be wasted.”

“The Borough Council has an important role to play in helping to create new jobs especially for younger people in Buxton and the High Peak. As well as jobs people need suitable and affordable homes. We all of us want to live in an environment which is safe and healthy.”

“Only the Labour Party shares this ambition and the prospect of working with Buxton communities is an exciting one.”

Keith Savage is the councillor for Cote Heath Ward on High Peak Borough Council.

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