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Glossop Misses Out… Again

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Yet again, Glossop has been overlooked by this Government when areas all around us are getting much-needed levelling-up funding. Yet again, the local Conservative MP has failed to deliver on his promises for High Peak. He promised that following his lobbying efforts: “High Peak has been made one of the top priority areas for the Levelling Up Fund in the whole country.”

Today, we can see that despite being a paid-up member of Rishi Sunak’s government, he has no influence in his own party, and his government has no interest in High Peak.

Our current MP criticises our Council and its staff for failing to update our bid when, like councils across the country, we had no information about Round 3 and no opportunity or request to update and enhance our Round 2 bid.

When bids in other areas were rejected in Round 2 of the competitive bidding process, other MPs, both Conservative and Labour, worked with their Councils and Government Ministers to secure the funding this time. You only need look at what Andrew Gwynne MP has achieved nearby for Denton:

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, who share the same council officers and bid writing team with High Peak Borough Council, were successful in their £17million bid for Leek. The difference? Their Conservative MP was in lockstep with councillors and council officers, making a forceful and successful case to Tory Ministers in Westminster.

Our council’s £20 million bid would have delivered a new leisure centre and wellbeing hub on the former Glossopdale School site on Talbot Road, as well as upgrades to Victoria Hall. The wellbeing hub would also have increased access to healthcare services. This is desperately needed, with so many people contacting me about the perilous state of the NHS locally.

In Mottram Bypass news, it great to hear that the judicial review brought by an environmental campaign charity has been largely dismissed by the judge hearing the appeal and means progress can be made.

But following a theme, we’re not even getting our fair share of the bypass. Mottram looks set to get its half of the bypass, which is great. But where is the solution for the pollution and congestion in Tintwistle and Glossop?

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