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Funding Fundamental to your Quality of Life

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Prudent financial management at High Peak Borough Council means we have been able to bring forward ambitious plans for High Peak in our new Borough Plan.

We are particularly proud of our plans to continue our mission to improve leisure and park facilities across the High Peak, our investment in council housing and to move forwards with our commitment to help the high streets in our towns and villages thrive and flourish.

But 14 years of cuts by this Conservative Government have taken their toll on local government services. There have been 30%+ cuts to government grants and the small amount of funding that is available from central government requires already stretched councils to pull together expensive and time-consuming applications, often to impossibly tight deadlines driven by some desperate headline grabbing Ministerial announcement. Frankly it all too often resembles The Hunger Games. This is something we are working cross-party with councils from across the country to address through the Local Government Association and the District Councils’ Network.

We are both really concerned about the impact of the announcement by Derbyshire County Council and the nearly £40m of cuts they’re making. It is always the most vulnerable that are worst affected, like adults needing social care and families relying on children’s centres. And as Derbyshire’s biggest employer we are worried about DCC staff, many living in High Peak, and sincerely hope redundancies can be avoided.

We are all seeing the impact of funding cuts by this Government with the state of our roads. It feels like a lottery leaving the house. So many people have had damage to their cars as a result of potholes.

We hope someone pointed this out to the Prime-Minister Rishi Sunak when we ghosted through Glossop last week. Last time Rishi was up in this region he cancelled HS2 north of Birmingham. Ironically HS2 would have doubled freight capacity and improved our roads by taking loads of wagons off them. The most galling of all is he took our rail investment money and spent a chunk of it on fixing potholes in… London.

We deserve better. It’s time we got our fair share.

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