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FREE swims to support High Peak families. 

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The cost-of-living crisis has compelled many families in the High Peak to make changes to their daily lives and habits, forcing them into unenviable choices concerning food shopping, rent/mortgage payments, and other elements that contribute to their quality of life.

In May, we reclaimed a full Labour majority in the local elections, and Labour leader Keir Starmer challenged us to explore all possible options to aid families dealing with the cost-of-living crisis. As a Council, we have maintained the measures established over the past few years and have provided support to establish a High Peak Fuel Bank.

In contrast, the Conservative-led Derbyshire County Council has significantly increased school dinner costs by a staggering 41% starting in September. Given that families are already struggling, raising school meal prices by 95p per day for each child will render school meals unaffordable for many households. Derbyshire’s proposed increase to £3.25 is notably higher than that of other similar councils.

However, we acknowledge that these daily term-time struggles can be further exacerbated during the school holidays, as the augmented food expenses and expensive activities burden already tight family budgets.

This is why we are pleased to announce that the High Peak Borough Council will offer 1,000 free swimming sessions throughout the High Peak region via our pools in Glossop, New Mills, and Buxton.

Swimming aids in maintaining physical activity and health, ensuring that young people remain engaged during what can be an extended summer break.

Our council staff are collaborating with local voluntary and community social enterprise (VCSE) organisations across the borough to effectively distribute free swim vouchers to individuals and families, including institutions such as The Bureau in Glossop and High Peak Community Arts.

Cllr Anthony Mckeown, Leader

Cllr Damien Greenhalgh, Deputy Leader

High Peak Labour Party


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